Benefits of Soda Blasting

Eco friendly and non abrasive, perfect for the following:

  • Stainless Steel & Aluminium

  • Stone & Brick

  • Glass & Fiberglass

  • Wood

  • Plastics

  • Bearings, Seals, Hydraulic Cylinders, etc

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aluminium boat beforealuminium boat after soda blasting

Gentle on Surfaces

Unlike abrasive techniques such as sand blasting or bead blasting, sodium bicarbonate particles clean and strip the surface by means of releasing energy. When the soda particles are blasted via compressed air onto a surface, the energy released by the exploding or crushed particles will lift any contaminate on the surface and leave the substrate clean. This unique process is non abrasive and does not damage the underlying surface like other blasting process that use abrasive media, making it perfect for all types of surfaces.

Perfect for cleaning fatty food deposits, grease and grime

If you have commercial or residential kitchen equipment that needs cleaning, Soda Blasting is a safe and effective way of achieving great results. SodaBlasting breaks down hydrocarbons through a process which is called Saponification, this process makes it ideal for cleaning commercial kitchen equipment in the food processing industry that is covered in fatty food build-ups or baked on residues. Importantly as the sodium bicarbonate used is 100% food grade quality, it is non toxic, it can be safely used in these environments without fear of any health concerns. All equipment can be rinsed off with water after the cleaning process, as the soda is water soluble it will just dissolve away.

Commercial kitchen cleaning
army bike beforearmy bike after

Perfect for cleaning engines

SodaBlasting breaks down hydrocarbons which makes it perfect for cleaning engines and also degreasing engines and engine parts, it will safely remove any buildup without causing damage to the surface, all seals, hoses, etc can stay connected without fear of damage.

Ferrous metals

When ferrous metals are cleaned using abrasive techniques such as sandblasting, the surface of the metal will need to be coated immediately to prevent it from rusting. When Soda blasting is used on ferrous metals, the non abrasive process does not pit the metal, allowing the surface to be coated several days after cleaning, as it will rust at a significantly reduced rate.


Sodium bicarbonate has non flammable properties and the process of SodBlasting does not generate any heat making it ideal for cleaning in the petroleum industry.


Further benefits include

  • Environment friendly

  • No hazardous or corrosive chemicals

  • Efficient and time saving

  • No cleaning of solvents needed

  • Safe to use

  • Non abrasive low pressure process

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